Justin Onwenu

Sid Richardson '18
International Health and Policy
SA President 2017-2018

[email protected]

My Campaign Platform

As your President, I am to make sure each and every one of the words I spoke while campaigning become actions, and then tangible realities. Below are the promises I made when I ran; I'll post updates here as our team tackles each point of our agenda.

1. Give Students More Freedom

  • Support existing proposals to reduce distribution requirements.
  • Work with the committee for undergraduate curriculum (CUC) on making the "design your own major" option more prevalent.
  • Support avenues for giving students credit for research and other experiential learning opportunities

2. Support Low-Income Students

  • Work to reduce out-of-pocket expenditures for Saturday dinners and social events that require fees by working with the Rice administration.
  • Fight to get MCAT, LSAT, graduate school prep, and application grant services on campus to enhance post-grad success.

3. SA Engagement

  • Expand opportunities to non-senators, presidents and NSRs by reforming the SA structure - allowing anyone who is passionate to use the SA as a vehicle for change.

4. Advocate for Student Well-Being

  • Work with the Women's Research Center, STRIVE, Wellbeing, and other groups to make sure all students feel safe and cared for at Rice.